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Around the corner from the home of Pawnee Bill, in the shadow of Dick Tracy, is an elegant little music shop that is home to one of the finest instrument makers in the country - Darrel Carender. He hasn't written any books, doesn't have any festivals named after him, and you won't find his picture on a box of Wheaties. But you will find him crafting some of the finest mandolins, banjos, guitars and resophonic guitars in the country.

The unassuming storefront reveals itself in the details, meticulously crafted by hand, by Darrel himself. Inside, the store is filled with light and the promise of music. Darrel has than 30 of his signature Ridge instruments lining the walls, as well as strings, books and other accessories.

Darrel prides himself on offering custom crafted instruments at an affordable price. Even though he has a number of instruments in stock, you may still want that holy grail of instruments, one made exactly to your specifications. So dream your wildest dream and sit down with Darrel, tell him your thoughts on exotic tone woods, satin finishes and bone endpins. And before you know it, he'll turn that dream into the finely crafted instrument you've always wanted.

So make the trip to Pawnee, Oklahoma, halfway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, even closer to Stillwater, where the buffalo still roam and superb craftsmanship has found a home.

Click the pics to see samples of some the custom work that might still be on the walls...



The Music Shop - Home of Ridge Instruments
625 Harrison Street .. Pawnee, OK 74058
918-762-4455 .. Owner, Luthier - Darrel Carender